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Why Us

Information Technology Makes You Better

Individual & Professional

An individual approach to all our clients ensures that you'll receive a service that is 100% concentrated on your problems and goals.
Creative & Motivated Team

It’s not always enough to be a professional, one should also be motivated to work better to become the best in their respective field.

Advanced Knowledge & Technology

We are always up-to-date on the latest news and trends that directly or partially refer to the field of IT services.
Savings & Cost Reduction

Working with us can save you a lot of money, because you won't need to invest in special equipment and staffing.

Analysis & Research

A good result is impossible without a solid background of research and analysis. That is why we always do so prior to starting work on your project.

Round-the-Clock Service

Our call-centre is always ready to assist you with consulting and problem-solving via phone, email and online chat.

About Us

Torn Trade Limited provides companies of all sizes with IT services to help them grow and eliminate the risks of being driven out of business by the main competitors. New and small companies often don't have enough financial and human resources to manage their IT needs. So, it's always good to cooperate with a skilled team that will assist you with creating and managing your website, IT consulting, and handling your database. Our company doesn't enjoy worldwide fame yet, but this means that we try harder to satisfy our clients so that they choose to cooperate with us long-term.


Website Development and Maintenance

A corporate website is the face of a company, hence it should be well designed and work without flaw. At the same time, website development and its further maintenance require certain skills and investment. With our assistance your company's website will run smoothly.

IT Consulting

Information technology involves a variety of services that help companies understand IT systems and their implementation, managing and administration, as well as their primary estimation for getting the results wanted by the company. Rely on us when it comes to planning and providing professional advice.

Database Processing

Keeping a database in order is vital for companies of all sizes. It also takes a lot investment and all kinds of corporate resource to deal with risk management, fraud detection, margin analysis, credit scoring and much more. Torn Trade Limited has the resources needed for elimination of all the risks and difficulties related to database processing.

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